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Commitment CeremoniesCommitment Ceremonies

A Commitment ceremony is
a celebration of the bond of love between any two people

At this time in Australia commitments are not legally recognized as a marriage however commitment ceremonies can be celebrated publicly with family friends and community.

Almost all the key elements of a traditional wedding ceremony can be found in a commitment ceremony. The celebration can be as rich with ritual, readings, poetry, music and song, dance, costumes or film, or as simple and unadorned as you desire.

I will ensure we make the occasion as personalised as you wish.

Most importantly, your ceremony should reflect who you are and how you both feel about your relationship, your hopes and wishes for each other and your future together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the many ways you can express your relationship and the involvement of friends and family in your ‘Commitment Ceremony’

Our Gift

During the ceremony you will be presented with a 'Certificate of Commitment' as a special reminder or your pledge to one another and the commitment you both share.

Our Equipment / Facilities

FoxCelebrations offers a high quality PA Sound System with the facility to connect musical instruments, multiple microphones, MP3 Player, CD's, etc to ensure a great audio performance on your day.


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