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Remember them for who they were

From a traditional black suit occasion with depth on the passing of a loved one to a cheery but respectful celebration of the person they were and the amazing things they achieved, we can create a ceremony to be suit the mood and memories you treasure most.

It is a special day when people who loved a person get together and celebrate their life, happily, and remember the person as they were...alive, and vibrant.

In this very emotional and confusing time it is important to step back and concentrate on how your loved one lived and not how they died.

Sometimes death is a sudden tragedy, and sometimes it is a long expected one. Do not let the death of a person impede on the circumstances of their memorial.

Celebrate their LIFE

The purpose of a Celebration of Life is to give meaning to a personís life. Itís an opportunity for family and friends to gather and remember the deceased while offering support and comfort to one another. Planning a funeral can be an emotional process with several legal and financial matters to consider.

Our Equipment / Facilities

FoxCelebrations offers a high quality PA Sound System with the facility to connect musical instruments, multiple microphones, MP3 Player, CD's, etc to ensure a great audio performance on your day.


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